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Tableware inspired by cyanotypes.

This mug is a bouquet that never withers! Each piece features different carvings of flowers and herbs. Makes the perfect gift for gardeners, herbalists, and photographers with an affinity for alternative processes.

Each piece is hand made and hand carved and will have natural variations introduced by the hands that made them giving each piece unique character. They feature different carved illustrations of flowers and herbs. 

Pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, though they prefer the touch of hands! 

How this Piece Was Made
Pieces are thrown on the potter's wheel. Underglaze is brushed on, and then pieces are hand carved. A clear exterior glaze and interior coat of glaze was applied to finish the piece to protect the intricate hand carved illustration. 


by Gabriela Margarita


"Bee Balm" Cyanotype Inspired Mug

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